English Rose Terms and Conditions 

Term and Conditions:

As a result of numerous fraudulent activities at guest houses and hotels throughout the U.K, the British Tourist Board, Tourism South East and Sussex Constabulary suggest that all legitimate customers making a booking would be happy to provide their full name and permanent address, (none of which is retained on any data base).

Please note: it is a legal requirement that you provide your full name and address when registering. None of your personal details are kept on a data base or given to any other parties, at any time. We may also request proof of identity upon arrival.

(Pay Pal users can pay for their stay prior to booking in)

We accept all major credit or debit cards on arrival for full payment or cash  will be required upon arrival. Please note that we have been requested by the authorities to report any individuals acting suspiciously, refusing to pay or refusing to show any identification.

All bookings, including telephone bookings are a "legal contractual obligation". Customers that make a booking and don't turn up will be charged for the room/s. These charges, if unpaid can (at the discretion of the proprietor) be legitimately pursued and upheld through the County Court. All of our sub sequential costs arising from the action can also be claimed. Cancellations need to be made at least 72 hours earlier in order to avoid charges being levied. Deposits are non refundable. All guests are responsible for the safe keeping and security of their issued keys. A standing charge of £50.00 will be made for lost or mislaid keys in order to pay for cost of replacing front door locks and cutting additional keys.

We recommended that visitors have suitable travel insurance. All accidental or neglectful damage to premises and/or property will be charged for. All rooms and supplementary equipment is checked prior to your occupancy. Any damage or losses discovered after your departure will be charged for and an invoice sent to your home address or your company's offices. Unfortunately, the occurrence of petty theft has increased substantially; therefore it has become necessary that all theft from the premises is reported to the local Police and Tourist Board.

In accordance with Health & Safety Regulations, Fire Regulations and Council By Laws, all children must be fully supervised by a responsible adult at all times whilst on the premises. Children must not be left unsupervised at any time and no responsibility can be accepted by the owners. It is expected that children's conduct will be supervised whilst dining in order to safeguard other guests from any disturbance. Additionally, any breakages or damages will be charged for.

In accordance with the No Smoking Legislation, of which we are legally obliged to enforce, we cannot allow any smoking in these premises we do provide a smoking area at the front on the property. In consequence, any guest found abusing the legislation will be responsible for any fines or legal procedures which may be imposed upon us by the authorities. (Please note that this could be several thousand pounds).
Any detectable tobacco odours or traces of tobacco smoke discovered on the soft fabrics and/or furnishings and/or discarded cigarette butts thrown from windows in any designated non smoking room/area will need to be cleaned, repaired and/or sanitized. All costs for these procedures will be passed on to the responsible guest at their place of residence, after their departure and will if necessary, be enforced and upheld by the County Court.

We are registered as a Bed and Breakfast establishment and therefore only offer services in accordance within these parameters. We are unable to provide any other services for guests and are unqualified to offer care facilities for any children, elderly, infirm or unwell guests. Room service is not available and message services for guests are not normally available. We are unable to accept any responsibility for messages left and not delivered. Wherever possible we shall endeavour to assist our guests in any way. However, these services are purely at the discretion of the proprietor.

Arrival/booking in time is between 16.00 and before 22.00 hrs. After which staff will not be available to open the doors. However, should you have specific requirements we try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your needs. Should you wish to arrive earlier or leave later, it will be necessary to contact us so that we can make special arrangements. Room vacation/departure time is 10.30 hrs. Unless special arrangements have been made. Additional charges can be made for late departures which have not been agreed.